Eating Alone

November 2, 2010 § Leave a comment

can be fun! Lately I have been feeling a little bit sluggish and lazy when I think about just cooking for myself. I cook a lot at work and then when I try to plan out things to eat for myself, I never want to make anything more complicated than a sandwich. I cook sometimes with my friend Danielle. She’s only eating raw and I’m kind of vegan, so we end up cooking things that neither of us can eat for her boyfriend’s roommates or other people. It’s really fun, but I realized that I was making lots of food that I don’t like to eat and then feeling uninspired to make the foods that I do like to eat, so I thought, “I need to make a list of reasons why cooking for yourself is awesome!” Here it goes:

a.) You can make weird combinations that other people don’t like and you’d be embarrassed to eat in front of them, like hummus and relish sandwiches or vegan pizza with barbecue sauce.

b.) You can make lots of little things so there’s lots of variety in your diet!

c.) If you make a lot of something, you can pack it into little tupperwares to eat at lunch at work!

d.) If something you cook is gross, it is okay because nobody is eating it but you and there isn’t a lot!

e.) If something you cook is awesome, a friend might come over and say, “Hey! I want to eat with you!”

f.) There are fewer dishes.

g.) You can focus on food instead of conversation… just kidding! I can’t think of any more items for this list.


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