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January 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Right now I’m super pleased. Why, you ask? Well, I just cooked a rice dish that tasted like the dish I so enjoy at one of my favorite restaurants. It’s a Senegalese dish called thiou, which usually consists of rice with a tomato stew, root veggies and cabbage.

One of my favorite things about trying a delicious dish at a restaurant is going home and trying to recreate it in my own kitchen. And it’s always so exciting when I succeed. At the same time, I also enjoy those restaurant dishes that I could never recreate. Xin told me that when her mom  eats at a restaurant, she will never order something that she could make herself, but will always go for the dish she wouldn’t know how to recreate (or would be really time-consuming, or contains hard-to-find ingredients). I, for one, follow the philosophy of Xin’s mom. Not to worry, I don’t imagine I’ll ever be able to fully capture the richness of Baobab’s thiou. But I promise to post the recipe once I get a little closer.


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