About us

“Messmates at table and partners in play, they run fast along the high-speed train of biotechnological evolution, they bite hard at rampant global capitalism, and they risk alien encounters likely to cause pain and indigestion when face to face with incommensurable differences and asymmetrical power.”

noun \ˈmes\
1 : a quantity of food: a archaic : food set on a table at one time b : a prepared dish of soft food; also : a mixture of ingredients cooked or eaten together c : enough food of a specified kind for a dish or a meal
2 a : a group of persons who regularly take their meals together; also : a meal so taken b : a place where meals are regularly served to a group : mess hall

noun \ˈmes-ˌmāt\
: a person with whom one regularly takes mess (as on a ship)


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