eggplant and red pepper dips

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The other day I made two really good tips. I mean dips. For the eggplant dip, I roasted the eggplant whole with fork holes in the oven, removed the skin and  up with sauteed onion, green pepper, garlic, salt, cumin, and coriander. For the roasted red pepper dip, I roasted red pepper halves, removed the skin, and blended it with salt and a bit of natural Greek yogurt. I might be forgetting some ingredients…either way, it’s a good base to start with and add stuff to as you wish!


vegan cooking workshop and dinner

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A collective called Rebelión Consciente is hosting a vegan cooking workshop and dinner every Sunday in the new CSO Koala. Check it out, more info here.

crepe competition coming soon!

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Concurso de Crêpes

El Puchero, La Comida Vegetariana Feminista para Mujeres

¡Trae tu major crêpe!

(Si no compites, te pedimos 4€ para degustación bebida incluida)

Domingo, 6 de noviembre 15-18.30h

La Eskalera Karakola, La Kasa Pública de Mujeres

C/Embajadores 52, Local A

<m> Embajadores, Tirso de Molina, La Latina

setas, leeks, and red cabbage

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The other day my housemate (pictured above) made setas, leeks, and red cabbage for dinner. Setas is basically the word for wild mushrooms, it’s not a specific type. Anyway, so delicious! The red cabbage was sauteed with pimenton, garlic, and salt. The setas were sauteed with herbs (I think dried basil or oregano) and salt. And the leeks with just salt. Simple and full of flavor! Also I love the color of red cabbage, it’s so beautiful!

apple autumn

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Johnny Appleseed was a pioneer nurseryman in the midwest in the early 1800’s. Some stories have him starting his wanders here in Pittsburgh, where we do indeed have a lot of crab apples and apple orchards. It’s apple season! And I made little apple tarts with honey crisps I picked myself.

patatas con mojo verde

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Yesterday we had a very Spanish dinner. Tortilla, gazpacho, and patatas con mojo verde. I don’t like tortilla (shh), but the gazpacho and potatoes were good. That’s the last cup of gazpacho I’ll be eating for a long time. (Winter’s coming!)

Patatas arrugadas con mojo (wrinkled potatoes with mojo) is a typical dish from the Canary Islands. Mojo sauce can be red or green (depending if the base is pepper or cilantro), and is found in varying degrees of spiciness. This green sauce is similar to chimichurri salsa from Argentina, but with cilantro instead of parsley. It adds a very nice punch to a bland tater bite. Also try it with fish, meat, tofu, rice and beans…anything that needs some flavor.

Here’s a simple recipe for patatas con mojo. I consulted the  guy who made the potatoes for our dinner and also this recipe.

Boil small, unpeeled potatoes in water with some salt. When they are fully cooked (you can pierce them easily with a fork, but they’re not falling apart), dump out the water and put them back in the pot with course sea salt. Keep the heat on medium as you mix around the potatoes. You want the extra water too evaporate. But again, don’t be too rough with them; you want them to stay whole and not break apart at all. Take them out when they’re looking a bit wrinkly. Time to make your mojo sauce. With a mortar and pestle, crush a half a garlic clove with a bunch of fresh cilantro and a teaspoon of cumin. Mix in 8 tablespoons of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of Sherry vinegar (or balsamic vinegar, which is what I tried). Don’t use a blender; just mix gently by hand since you don’t want to emulsify it. Add salt to taste. You can serve the mojo poured over the potatoes, or dip the potatoes in the sauce one by one. Dipping is fun. Buen provecho!

quick lunch

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Lunch today was grilled zucchini (with salt and basil), tomato salad (with olive oil, garlic, black pepper, and parsley), cheese and bread. Ready to eat in 10 minutes.

grilled zucchini

tomato salad